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2024 video Reel for VK Visualz  


2024 video resume

Event Recaps 

YB Normal speaks at Disney World to Educators 

Bryon Speaks at ATL GA to educators at the GABS confrence  

Client Reels 

Client Reel form a event client spoke at 

Client Reel from client speaking at event 

Client Speaking event and added Broll to tell story 

Short Films 

A young man is pulled over by the cops and both lives can be affected in a blink of eye 

During Quarntine a friend goes to his friend that has a money making idea and just has to get his friend to agree 


A young man goes through life with a rare sleeping disorder that affects his daiy life with friends and family 

 A young man’s day resets every time he tells a lie before he can make it to the end of the day, he must face the consequences of actions.

Podcast with three brothers have a friend join and tell the difference in living in the US and the Italy 

3 Brothers podcast about who can you trust all production done by VK Visualz 

Sports Videos 

Aviano Saints Football play Vicenzia High School 

Aviano Basketball Team plays MMI 

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